Analyze: Thoroughly identify needs and expectations

Determine nature of tasks performed and requirements for each job classification i.e., reception, shipping/receiving, management, administration, executive, customer service, etc.)

Assess opportunities for improvement/enhancement

Identify existing components that are still usable

Investigate available options for new components

Respond with custom solutions that meet your needs and provide flexible options

Design/plan new workspaces (with employee involvement) using internal and external design services and Fulline's AutoCAD design system

Review plans with customer and adjust as necessary

Finalize plans

Make final choices of new furniture, moveable walls, etc., according to agreed-upon plan and ergonomic guidelines for each component (see BFIMA guidelines)

Ensure all furniture and components conform to customer's specific ergonomic requirements (if any)

Implement: Put optimum solution in place

Forward order to the manufacturer(s) within 24 hours of receipt

Check order against manufacturer's acknowledgement for errors and discrepancies

Forward findings to account representative for review and communication with customer

Ensure delivery information is recorded and communicated, to prevent bottlenecks at time of delivery

Ensure proper installation upon receipt of order from manufacturer

Deliver and install at customer site

Train employees in proper adjustment of all components (ergonomic awareness training)

Support: Personalized, local, direct point of contact

Document details

Document decision-making process

Ensure customer satisfaction

Periodically review for opportunities for further enhancement and/or upgrades

Maintain contact with customer